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On the following pages, we would like to acquaint you with our institute, at the same time advising you on how to purchase a doctoral degree.
The site offers information on how to use the Ph.D. title in everyday life, in addition to how to purchase a doctorate. Please note from the outset that those expositions concern ecclesiastical honorary degrees, not academic degrees awarded only upon completion of a doctoral dissertation. 

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Miami Life Development Church

The MLDC in the USA does not have its own internet site. The current one is the legitimate internet site of the Church, which officially represents MLDC in Europe. Let us emphasise that our service centres on the fact of affording you the opportunity to purchase doctoral degrees and honorary professorial titles, together with a description of all pertinent legal aspects.

Buy a doctoral degree?

Is it really possible to buy a doctoral degree, you certainly are going to ask. Well, the answer is a plain and unqualified “No“, since an academic degree cannot be acquired for any money in the world. To really earn such a degree, a postgraduate level of education is essential, culminating in your promotion and doctoral dissertation, which hopefully will lead to your being awarded the Ph.D. title. In U.K. only universities and comparable institutions of learning may award Ph.D.’s, i.e. doctorates. 

The case is different relative to ecclesiastical honorary doctorates (h.c.). Those are not for sale, either, but may be awarded on an honorary basis, denoted by their addendum “h.c.“ (honoris causa). We will award you such title in appreciation of your donation to our Church. In summary, you can buy your doctorate right here. The ecclesiastical honorary doctorate is perfectly legal to add to your name in Europe, as well. The deciding factor, according to the Ministry for Cultural Affairs, is the legal right of the awarding body or agency to issue such degrees in its own country. The ruling is applicable to us because the legal standing of our Church, the MLDC, with headquarters in Florida, is that of a registered non-profit entity, the purpose of which is the guidance of a religious community, as promulgated in our covenants. As the purchase of a doctoral degree elevates you to having an MLDC honorary Ph.D. appellation attached to your name, we may reasonably expect you to live up to the ethics the title presumes—i.e. projecting in your personal life an image of responsibility, integrity and high moral values toward others. 
Should you be prepared to abide by those canons of exemplary behaviour, MLDC stands ready to confer upon you its honorary doctorate.


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